Basics of Small Business Email Lists

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Basics of Small Business Email Lists

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One of the big points to consider with your small business website is the creation and management of your email list. You email list is very similar certain lists you have now that are used for direct mailing, holiday cards, new Bhutan Email Lists product or sale announcements and so on. There are a few main benefits to an email list and the obvious first one is cost. The cost of sending and email to your list compared to a traditional direct mail campaign is next to zero. It seems the cost of mailing a letter keeps going up can you believe what a stamp costs these days?
Now, the basics. First thing you need is a professional email service. You do not, under any circumstances, want to run a small business email list from your personal email account, Gmail account or anything of the sort. It will cost you a few bucks but it is beyond worth the money. An email service will not only provide you will all sorts of templates, email signup forms, sending options and tracking but they make sure your email actually gets to your customers. Email deliverability is a huge issue and it's no good having a list if all your emails with get turned away or end up in the spam folder of your customers. A professional email service will also make sure everything you send out, and the manner in which you capture email addresses, is CAN-SPAM complaint. These are the webs rules that govern the whole email thing. Basically they don't allow you to get labeled as a spammer. This is a must. Don't hesitate. Just get signed up.

Secondly, get an email signup form on each page of your website. Make it prominent and above the fold so the second someone hits your small business website they see the signup form. Don't hide the fact you offer a newsletter or email notification service.

Third, and this is critical, don't overload your email subscribers. It's a big deal when someone offers their email address to you. They are giving you permission to put your email right in front of their face whenever you choose. Don't abuse this right. Make darn sure that whatever you send to these folks is both high quality and worth their time to open. Only send them emails that benefit them in some way. If you send them junk twice a day I guarantee they'll hit the unsubscribe button and you've lost that customer.

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