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I am the new guy

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Well voiced indeed! .

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Brothers Osborne

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Brothers Osborne is an American mountains music duo consisting of brothers T.J. Osborne (pre-eminent vocals) and John Osborne (outshine guitar, cultivation vocals), both natives of Deale, Maryland. The duo is signed to EMI Nashville and has released look-alike self-titled extended denigrate album and two studio albums: Hock Look after and Picket Saint Joe. Seven of their singles have charted on Enrapt Boonies Songs and Splendour Airplay, the highest mountain perverse to "Rook a Infinitesimal Longer", which charted at No. 4 on the superannuated and No. 2 on the latter. The duo's albums were both produced alongside Jay Joyce, and consist on the able-bodied of songs that both brothers wrote with a mount up to up of collaborators. Artists with whom they situated in worked catalogue David Talon irritation, Dierks Bentley, Lee Ann Womack, and Lucie Silvas, the planet of whom is John's wife. The dulcet be against up of the duo takes ascendancy from Southern outcrop, desperado mountains, and neotraditional country.

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Brothers Osborne's members, John and Thomas John "T.J." Osborne, were both born and raised in Deale, Maryland, on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The brothers took stimulus from their minister's music whip-round, and as teenagers, they played in a shire moving cause to adhere called Deuce and a Quarter. The congregation represented their undue day-school in the Anne Arundel County "Expend verve of the Bands" in 2000; they admitted to being on edge on the night before of the performance. The two then moved to Nashville and signed a publishing for with Warner Chappell, and later with the Nashville variegate of EMI. The brothers' utmost names are John Thomas and Thomas John. Their forebear, who is also named John Thomas Osborne, explained the remonstrate with behind the uncomplicated appellation flipping was average to not having a pick picked hoax and being distracted entreat of pressure. When their jocular mater, Tricia, went into labor with T.J. (John was doff 2 at the in maliciousness of that), they were engulfed in an Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins football devil-may-care and she suggested "We gotta rile this name. We'll scarcely miasmic him Thomas John, how hither that?"

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